Seniority and Promotion List of Basic Teachers 

01.seniority list ATPS   02.PROMOTION List


  •  To look after the overall development of academic and administrative setup of Secondary Education.
  • To develop general foundation in different subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, MIL, Social Science &      Classical Languages.
  •  To provide various exposures, guidance and counseling to the students to build their carrier.
  •  To provide basic skills at Secondary Level so as to enable the student to stand in their own feet.
  •  To monitor the progress of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular achievements in schools.


  • With a strong focus on gender equity and justice, to provide quality education to all the youth of 11-16 years.
  • Development of health and hygiene, sports and sports activities.
  • Development of mental skills by organizing different types of competitions such as essay, debate, quiz etc.
  • The development of spiritual values ​​and moral education among students by applying Yoga and Pranayam as a co-educational subject.
  • Student exhibition, science seminar, scientific creation of science organization and creating a popular topic in secondary stage in science.
  • Through the scout, guide, JRC, NCC etc., to increase the sense of service mentality in the minds of future citizens of the country.
  • Conducting Focus Program for Higher Recipients for Quality in High School Certificate Examinations
  • Orientation programs on adolescence education, traffic rules, health and first aid etc.
  • Creating environmental awareness through Eco Club activities.
  • Create a sense of traditional heritage, culture and rituals among the students.

      basic info:-

  • Number of Primary Schools: 2315
  • Number of Schools School (6 to 8): 1322
  • Number of High Schools (9 to 10): 671
  • Number of PG Colleges: 1